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shallow beach at Dillman's in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

Getting Inspired with Live Demos

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Past Demos:

Dale L. Popovich - Watercolor Landscape Demo in the Studio at Dillman's

Gloria Miller Allen - Watercolor Demo in the Studio at Dillman's

Frankie Johnson - Watercolor and Pastel Demo in the Studio at Dillman's

Michele Byrne - Impressionistic Oil Painting with Palette Knife & Brush - September 9
Michele will be taking you through the steps she uses in her studio practice. She’ll explain and show images that will take you through the steps of a few of her finished pieces. Along with that she will demonstrate a few quick palette knife techniques that she thinks you will find helpful.

David R. Becker - Acrylic Demo in the Dillman's Studio - Sept 7

Jennifer Stone - Design Studies Using Original Collage / Multimedia - In Studio Demo - Sept 2

Dale L. Popovich - Early Spring Foliage and River Scene - August 19

Jennifer Stone - Design Studies Using Original Collage / Multimedia Preview of Workshop- August 12

Susan Kuznitsky - Pastels from August 5

Discover the beauty of pastels! See how to create an Impressionist-style pastel painting with award winning and newly a Blick Featured Artist, Susan Kuznitsky. The subject will be trees and Susan will be demonstrating a fun and fast technique of using hard and soft pastels on sanded paper using an alcohol wash. Join her Live on our Facebook page for a Q&A and pastel painting demo!


Daivd R. Smith - from July 15

  • Laura Lein-Svencner - Multimedia / Collage - from July 8
    Laura Lein-Svencner shares how she assembles a collage with the papers that she creates from found paper. What happens when she glazes, shadows and adds an image transfer. Laura has been an instructor at Dillman's for the past 9 years. The experience to be in a wonderful place totally focused on learning new technique and creating new friendships, and opening your view of the beautiful Northwoods.

  • Tom Lynch - Dramatic Sky - This video will be posted for a limited time

    Bob Burridge - Loose and Ethereal Trees from June 19

    Julie Skoda - Outdoor Inspiration for Studio Pastel Painting - from June 10

    Daivd R. Becker - Watermedia/Acrylic - from June 6

    Kath Macaulay - Pocket Sketching - from June 3

    Tara Sweeney - Watercolor Portraits that Glow - from May 30, 2020

    Eric Wiegardt - Watercolor - Sailboat at Dock - from May 27, 2020

    Andy Evansen - Watercolor from May 20, 2020

    Dale L. Popovich - Wintery Wisconsin River from May 13, 2020

    Download the Reference Photo, Sketch and Demo Supply List

    Janet Nunn - Paint Along Watercolor Postcards from April 29, 2020

    Janet Nunn Live Painting Step by Step - Download PDF
    Janet Nunn Live Supply List - Download PDF

    David R. Becker - Watercolor from April 22, 2020