Tom Lynch

Watercolor Secrets Revealed

September 19-24, 2021 (Four Teaching Days)

Tom’s objective is to show the vast range and flexibility of watercolor and to put emotion and conviction into painting by exploring, experimenting, and developing creativity. He likes to put fun into the process of painting, along with enthusiasm and new techniques and knowledge you can use for a lifetime. Many of his students have become successful professionals. A goal for each day is set, and Tom sees to it that each student has an example and understanding of that day’s lesson. There will be daily demo paintings, with detailed explanations of all the “how’s” and “why’s” followed by individual attention. Welcome to the art world of Tom… where his use of color, contrast, sunlight, and shadow makes his scenes come alive.

Included will be tips on photography, “on-location” painting and matting. Also, Lynch’s ever-popular program on salvage techniques for discarded paintings during the critique session.

For returning students who, within the last three years, have been in one, or more, of his 4- or 5-day workshops, Tom has developed a new program, "A workshop within a workshop". This customized program provides you with:

  • A review and evaluation of your artwork before the workshop
  • A customized plan of action during the workshop
  • Extra help (during the lunch hour) each day
  • A special table area during the workshop
  • Notify the Workshop Director you are a “Returning Student”
  • Three weeks before the workshop mail Tom 2 color hard copies, of 2 images of your current work on card stock paper. (One copy for Tom to write on or paint on the other show the before.) Include the name and date of the last Tom Lynch workshop you attended.

This program allows students to continue from where you left off after your last workshop; and continue to advance further with a personalized plan. This program will give you the opportunity to start right off on doing a finished painting. There are usually others doing the same thing and Tom set aside a special place where you, and the others, can sit together. If you hear something Tom is doing with the new students, you can join us; otherwise Tom will come visit you at your table and offer any help needed. Tom has tested this out before with rave reviews. So, if it fits in your schedule this year (or at another time) ... join Tom again.

Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting Tom Lynch Painting

The best way to describe a Tom Lynch workshop and to show why he has been successful for the last 39 years is to hear what past students have said...

  • Patient, positive, and very knowledgeable
  • The best workshop I have ever attended
  • I learned more in the first day than I have in a week in other classes
  • He covered all the bases and more
  • Hardest working teacher I have ever seen
  • There is a reason he was nominated America's Top 20 Teachers... I think he is #1
  • He has a special way of personalizing the class for everyone
  • I have attended 6 workshops and still learning new things

Tom has been referred to as one of the nation’s premier watercolorists with over 39 years of experience. He has written eight books, and hosted several award winning PBS TV Art Series. He was recently listed as one of the nation’s “Top 20 Teachers” by a leading Art Magazine. Tom is represented by some of the nation’s leading Museums and Art Galleries. His paintings have garnered many awards, most recently for four U.S. Opens.

Some of his numerous awards include “Landscape Artist of the Year”, one of “America’s Top 20 Teachers”, two “Lifetime Achievement Awards”, the first American selected for Honorary Membership in the “Canadian Watercolor Society”; He has been awarded the “Best of Show” Honorable Mention at the Sedona Plein Air Festival; “Best Architectural Painting” at the Easton Plein Air Festival; and most recently “Honorable Mention” at Plein Air Richmond. Tom has been the featured artist for the men’s, women’s and seniors U.S. Open and several PGA/LPGA tournaments. It is no surprise that his paintings are included in public, private, and corporate collections around the world.

When considering subjects he tries to search for something striking; like the color of the sky, the direction of natural light, pattern of shadows, or the glint of sunlight on water. He then embellishes those striking features giving his art a truly dynamic appearance.

This is a Studio Only Workshop.
Something for All Levels.

Workshop Fee plus tax per student:
If 12 or more students attend class (all teaching days): $570
If 11-10 students attend class (all teaching days): $655
If 9-8 students attend class (all teaching days): $780
If 6-7 students attend class (all teaching days): $985
Room & One Dinner Fee plus tax: $450
(There are 5 nights' accommodations included in the "Room & One Dinner Fee" listed above.)
Cancellation Policy, Class Fees and Tiered Pricing Explained
A partial tuition scholarship is offered
Workshop Itinerary


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Workshop Itinerary

COVID-19 UPDATE. We will be adjusting the schedule below based on social distancing.

Sunday, Sept 19
Check-In to your unit at Dillman’s (check-in time is 3:00)
Welcome dinner reception will be offered as a la carte. Orders must be placed in advance of arrival date. (Dinner option has been deducted from the aforementioned fees and will be invoiced separately based on selection.)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - Sept 20--23
Breakfast On Own
9:00 a.m. - Noon Class in Session
Lunch On Own

Meals are on your own. All accommodations have cooking facilities. You may preorder box lunches and dinners for meals to be taken alone or with your group in: your studio, the lodge deck, cafe, or your accommodation. (Pre-ordering for lunches and dinners is required.)

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Class in Session

Friday, Sept 24
Depart - check-out time is 10:00


Day students are welcome to attend the Welcome Reception and Farewell Reception (included in your package). You are also invited to join the class dinners (additional fee). PAL’s (Participants at large) can vacation at Dillman’s for $40 per night for accommodations. Costs for box lunches and dinners are additional.



2021 COVID Precautions 

It is impossible to assess the impact, if any, of COVID-19 for the upcoming 2021 season, but all artists should be prepared to abide by the following measures while attending workshops.

  1. Participants must fill out a quick health questionnaire to make sure they do not exhibit any symptoms.
  2. Masks are required to be worn while in classrooms and shared spaces.
  3. Participants must also wash hands or use hand sanitizer at the beginning of each class and often during class sessions.
  4. Participants are required to stay 6 feet apart for social distancing protocols.

A floor plan per each of our three studios has been created to ensure that the artist tables and lecture area will allow people to socially distance themselves a minimum of 6 feet. 
In lieu of crowding around the artist during demos, a desktop camera system and large format digital TV screens have been installed in each of the studios to allow students a close up view of demos.
We will be providing students with hand-sanitizer at their work stations. In addition, the studios will be closed for 1 hour in the late evenings for a daily UV sanitation and touch surface cleaning.

Visit our COVID-19 update page for more information...