Susan Kuznitsky

The Power of Pastels - It all Starts with the Underpainting

May 16-21, 2020
RESCHEDULED FOR MAY 15-20, 2021 (Four Teaching Days)

Step-by-step approach from the underpainting to the finished piece. Several different underpainting techniques will be demonstrated along with plenty of individual attention at the easel. Learn how to make good choices on composition and color to create powerful, emotional pastel paintings. You will have the option of painting along with the same photo reference as Susan, or you may use your own reference material. This step-by-step method will provide an organized framework for your future pastel paintings taking the mystery out of where to start, what type of pastels to use, and saving you from feeling overwhelmed by unfamiliar or complicated subject matter. The procedure translates beautifully to other mediums.


Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting Susan Kuznitsky Painting


“I was lucky that my mother noticed my interest in art way back in high school and signed me up at a local art studio in the north suburbs of Chicago where I grew up. The owner and teacher was the late Joe Abbrecia. It was a traditional art education, working from plaster casts in charcoal and moving on to oils and watercolors. He guided me to continue my education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Fresh out of art school I worked as a freelance portrait artist for a well-known Chicago chain of department stores. I didn’t know it then but for the next 4 years I got the best on the job training one could get drawing 25-minute portraits. All ages, all types! During my time at art school I had the advantage of access to the Art Institute. I was always drawn to the impressionist pastel paintings. There was really no one teaching pastels at this time in the area, so I made the journey to Woodstock, NY to study with master pastellist Albert Handell. I became his studio assistant for the next 2 years. Mr. Handell not only opened the world of pastels to me, but world have me follow him from easel to easel during the workshops to listen to students’ questions. Watching his ‘hands on’ approach to teaching continues to influence my teaching today. Back in Chicago I opened my own studio and began teaching locally and nationally. During this time, I began painting at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art with another master painter, Richard Schmid. In the early 1990’s I moved to my current home in Portland, Oregon where I continue to teach locally. The following years as a wife and mother continued to fuel my passion to paint and teach. With children grown I am back to full time art, painting, travelling, and sharing what I have learned from the amazing teachers I have been honored to learn from.” - Susan Kuznitsky


  • Northwest Pastel Society, signature member
  • Pastel Society of the West Coast, signature member
  • Chicago Pastel Painters, founder and honorary member
  • Pastel Society of America
  • International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS), master pastellist


This is a Studio Only Workshop.
Something for All Levels.

Workshop Fee plus tax per student:
If 12 or more students attend class (all teaching days): $450
If 11-10 students attend class (all teaching days): $520
If 9-8 students attend class (all teaching days): $570
Room & One Dinner Fee plus tax: $415
(There are 5 nights' accommodations included in the "Room & One Dinner Fee" listed above.)
Cancellation Policy, Class Fees and Tiered Pricing Explained
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Workshop Itinerary


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Workshop Itinerary

Saturday, May 16 (Please note this week is different with a Saturday arrval compared to our normal weeks)
Check-In to your unit at Dillman’s (check-in time is 3:00)
5:00 Welcome Reception (included in package)
6:00 Dinner at Dillman's (included in Room and Meal Package. $25 additional for day students.)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday - May 17-20
Breakfast On Own
9:00 a.m. - Noon Class in Session
Lunch On Own

Meals are on your own. All accommodations have cooking facilities. You may preorder box lunches and dinners for meals to be taken alone or with your group in: your studio, the lodge deck, cafe, or your accommodation. (Pre-ordering for lunches and dinners is required.)

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Class in Session

Wednesday, May 20
NOON Farewell Champagne Toast (included in package)

Thursday, May 21
Depart - check-out time is 10:00

Optional Events - Sign Up Required / Subject to Change:

    Sunday 5:00 p.m. Dine-Around Dinner (Depart from Lodge Lobby)
    Sunday 7:00 p.m. S'more Roast (no charge)

    Monday 8:00 a.m. Yoga
    Monday 5:00 p.m. Dine-Around Dinner (Depart from Lodge Lobby)

    Tuesday Noon & 4:00 p.m. Pontoon Ride on White Sand Lake (no charge)
    Tuesday 5:00 p.m. Moondeer & Friends Gallery Tour (no charge)
    Tuesday 6:00 p.m. Dine-Around Dinner

    Wednesday 5:00 p.m. Dine-Around Dinner (Depart from Lodge Lobby)

Dine-Around Dinners: Registration required at the front desk, meet at 5:00pm in the main lobby for carpooling.

Day students are welcome to attend the Welcome Reception and Farewell Reception (included in your package). You are also invited to join the class dinners (additional fee). PAL’s (Participants at large) can vacation at Dillman’s for $45 per night for accommodations. Costs for box lunches and dinners are additional.