Getting Inspired with Live Demos

Get to know our 2021 instructors with free online demos that showcase their art and personal style. Starting in April 2020, to keep in touch with our artists during lockdown, the demos became a wonderful bright spot of inspiration in the current world situation. We hope you enjoy the chance to watch one of your favorite teachers or experience a new medium.

Saturday, February 27th at 10am central

Sandie Bacon is a painter who explores mixed media. As a working artist for Golden paints she explores painted textures and working on a variety of
unconventional surfaces. She will be demoing two paintings: the first is a highly textured painting of an abandoned barn, and the second is a layered painting on plexiglass (with acrylics).


Visit to watch live! Past demos can be watched below without requring you to be a facebook member.

Schedule of Upcoming 2021 Demos
Times listed are Central:

  • February 27 - Sandie Bacon - Mixed Media - 10am
  • March 13 - Tara Sweeney - Watercolor - 10am
  • March 27 - Karen Knutson - Mixed Media -10am
  • April 17 - Kristin Peterson - Mixed Media - 10am
  • May 1 - David R. Smith - Watercolor - 10am

  • Pam Luer - Nature Sketchbooking - Date To Be Announced
  • Don Andrews - Watercolor - Date To Be Announced
  • Norma Dycus Pennycuff - Fiber Arts/Cyanotype - Date To Be Announced



Past Demos


February 13, 2021 - Angela Johnson - Visual Story Telling

A free talk/demonstration of a few methods and techniques she uses to visually tell stories. She will walk you through the general process of creating:

  • An altered board game (that tells her story)
  • A double accordion fold book she made to that pairs family images with excerpts from her grandmother's journal
  • How to create a small book/journal from a single sheet of paper


1.     How I created Grandmother’s Stories
·      Materials used – canson or arches paper (18x24 or 22x30)
·      Bonefolder
·      Family images scanned
·      Daas film (buy online. I get the 25 pack as they are about $1/sheet) – inkjet printer needed
·      Brair
·      Piece of plexiglass
·      Hand sanitizer (non-scented) or I’m told vodka works too (I have not tried)
·      My grandmothers journal
·      Pencil
·      PVA glue (archival)
·      Family doily
·      NO SCISSORS – I hand tore the edges for a deckled look

2.     My creative story through a gameboard
·      Candyland used gameboard
·      Images of friends, family, former students
·      Quilling paper
·      UHU glue stick
·      Thin tip sharpie
·      Meaningful mementos to my creative journey (articles, cards, etc.)

3.     Gratitude Journal
·      Template
·      Paper 8.5 or 9x12 or larger, I use mixed media by canson, watercolor paper (140# arches) or Bristol board
·      Bonefolder
·      (optional watercolor, brushes, water and saranwrap)
·      Cardboard, scissors (I used book board or Davy board but any amazon box, cereal box will work)
·      PVA glue, glue brush
·      Wax paper


February 6, 2021 - Anna Repke - Fiber Arts

Discover what this new Felting craze is all about and watch as we make this landscape picture all the way from fluffy wool to a detailed felted picture. Learn how it works and we will also talk about other things that can be made with wool and will show you a few of those.


Jennifer Stone - Watercolor Pour of Roses with Negative Painting - January 30, 2021

This technique for pouring watercolor is literally just that. By pouring subsequent layers of diluted color, shapes appear and offer an abstracted underpainting. By developing the flowers, those shapes act as a textural effect, giving interest where you ordinarily would not have created it. Jen will show the steps of how she develops her painting using negative painting and following up with some special effects with various tools in her studio.

Susan Kuznitsky - Pastel

Janet Nunn - Watercolor

For the LIVE January 16th demo Janet Nunn will be talking about the bold part of painting watercolors, using wax paper, masking tape, and a credit card to paint most of the painting. A perfect way to jump start painting in the winter months. The demo painting will be based off an image standing on the tip of peninsula at Dillman’s and looking out over White Sand Lake covered in snow. There is a lone Birch tree looking across the lake and snow. In the demo, she will explain and show her process. If you would like to follow along and will have the tools ahead of time, download the PDF supply list and the PDF lesson.  Janet Nunn's "Bold and Bright with Liquid Watercolors" workshop is June 6-June 11, 2021.

Laura Lein-Svencner - Mixed Media / Collage

  • Collage has many directions it can go when using paper materials. You can use old vintage paper or repurpose found and alter papers in many ways. Starting a collage can be a bit intimidating, Laura will show you a few starting approaches in her demonstration on the surface of watercolor paper. She will use a heat seal iron, that she likes to call a tack iron, this process melts the papers together instead of using wet glues and acrylic mediums.  A process for sure but one that stimulates the creative spirit and mind.  Working intuitively with a great sense of Design.  Collage usually has no references and ideas stem from the artist's heart and imagination while they are creating in the moment. Highly experimental, fresh, raw and spontaneous is what she likes to call this collage process.


Rose Edin - Watercolor

Mary Beth Downs - Watercolor

Dale L. Popovich - Watercolor Landscape Demo in the Studio at Dillman's

Gloria Miller Allen - Watercolor Demo in the Studio at Dillman's

Frankie Johnson - Watercolor and Pastel Demo in the Studio at Dillman's

Michele Byrne - Impressionistic Oil Painting with Palette Knife & Brush - September 9
Michele will be taking you through the steps she uses in her studio practice. She’ll explain and show images that will take you through the steps of a few of her finished pieces. Along with that she will demonstrate a few quick palette knife techniques that she thinks you will find helpful.

David R. Becker - Acrylic Demo in the Dillman's Studio - Sept 7

Jennifer Stone - Design Studies Using Original Collage / Multimedia - In Studio Demo - Sept 2

Dale L. Popovich - Early Spring Foliage and River Scene - August 19

Jennifer Stone - Design Studies Using Original Collage / Multimedia Preview of Workshop- August 12

Susan Kuznitsky - Pastels from August 5

Discover the beauty of pastels! See how to create an Impressionist-style pastel painting with award winning and newly a Blick Featured Artist, Susan Kuznitsky. The subject will be trees and Susan will be demonstrating a fun and fast technique of using hard and soft pastels on sanded paper using an alcohol wash. Join her Live on our Facebook page for a Q&A and pastel painting demo!


  • Laura Lein-Svencner - Multimedia / Collage - from July 8
    Laura Lein-Svencner shares how she assembles a collage with the papers that she creates from found paper. What happens when she glazes, shadows and adds an image transfer. Laura has been an instructor at Dillman's for the past 9 years. The experience to be in a wonderful place totally focused on learning new technique and creating new friendships, and opening your view of the beautiful Northwoods.

  • Tom Lynch - Dramatic Sky

    Bob Burridge - Loose and Ethereal Trees from June 19

    Julie Skoda - Outdoor Inspiration for Studio Pastel Painting - from June 10

    Daivd R. Becker - Watermedia/Acrylic - from June 6

    Kath Macaulay - Pocket Sketching - from June 3

    Tara Sweeney - Watercolor Portraits that Glow - from May 30, 2020

    Eric Wiegardt - Watercolor - Sailboat at Dock - from May 27, 2020

    Andy Evansen - Watercolor from May 20, 2020

    Dale L. Popovich - Wintery Wisconsin River from May 13, 2020

    Download the Reference Photo, Sketch and Demo Supply List

    Janet Nunn - Paint Along Watercolor Postcards from April 29, 2020

    The video starts sideways - but the camera gets fixed a few minutes into the video. This was early in our Live remote / COVID-19 demo days ;)

    Janet Nunn Live Painting Step by Step - Download PDF
    Janet Nunn Live Supply List - Download PDF

    David R. Becker - Watercolor from April 22, 2020